Sweet Potato Vermicelli (Dang Myon) 500gr New


Sweet Potato Vermicelli (Dang Myon) 500gr

Best Before: 13.06.2021 / Ingredients: Sweet Potato Starch and Water
77.50 TL (including vat)


Ottogi Co, Ltd. is a South Korean food company headquartered in Gangnam, Seoul. The company today known as Ottogi was found in May 1969. The firm's first product was ready-to-eat curry and it also was the first commercialized curry product in South Korea. Ottogi manufactures more than one-thousand items, ranging from ready meal to canned tuna as well as condiments. The company is best known for its Korean-style ready-to-eat curry products, ketchup and mayonnaise. In 1980s, the firm triumphed over multinational manufacturers such as H. J. Heinz Company and Hellmann's and Best Foods in South Korean market and still has over 80% market share for ketchup and mayonnaise in Korea. Ottogi also manufactures instant ramen, noodle, pre-washed rice, dumpling, tea and many more.

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