Sushi Nori Gold 50 sheets New


Sushi Nori Gold 50 sheets

Best Before: 25.03.2023 / Yaki sushi nori is commonly used as a wrap for sushi and onigiri. It is also a common garnish in noodle preparation. Nori is natural seaweed that is roasted or dried, and it is actually a human food consumption item used in oriental cooking. In particular, the roasted type is most often used as wrappers for making rolled sushi, while the dried type may be used for this purpose as well as making seaweed soup and rice balls. This gold version is a premium quality seaweed that is dark giving it a smoother, richer taste. Premium quality seaweed is often a younger crop, which makes it less brittle and melts in the mouth.
162.00 TL (including vat)


Shirakiku is Wismettac Asian Foods private brand of products that originally fulfilled a demand in the Japanese markets. Shirakiku products have expanded into the Asian community in general, and are finding popularity in mainstream grocery stores and restaurants. Shirakiku is now a well-known Japanese food brand with many devoted customers worldwide.

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