Black Rice Vinegar 550ml (Chinkiang) New


Black Rice Vinegar 550ml (Chinkiang)

Hengshun Chinkiang Vinegar is very popular in southern China. It is originated in the city of Zhenjiang in the eastern coastal province of Jiangsu, is considered the best of the black rice vinegars. It is dark in colour, and has a deep, almost smoky flavor. Expect complex, smoky notes from Chinkiang black rice vinegar making it a great addition to dipping sauces or braised meat dishes and a good way to lift a noodle broth. The acidic yet slightly sweet vinegar is great for cutting through fatty or meaty dishes and a little splash of it will transform wonton dishes, soups and noodles.Ingredients: Water, glutinous rice, wheatbran, sugar, salt. Allergen information: wheat.
36.75 TL (including vat)

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