Sushi Rice 500gr New


Sushi Rice 500gr

Best Before: 01.02.2024, Made In Italy / Round grain rice is a well-known variety, widely used in the Japanese cuisine to prepare various types of sushi. It’s short, moist grains stick together when cooked to reach the perfect consistency, for a delicious sushi meal. Hakumaki rice for sushi, strictly selected and controlled, delivers the premium quality for you perfect sushi meal.
39.60 TL (including vat)


Riseria Pasini was founded in 1948 by three brothers Bruno, Arnaldo and Ciro in Villa Garibaldi di Roncoferraro, a town located in the hub of the rice fields (paddy fields) in the province of Mantova which is in the heart of the region known as the Pianura Padana. In this region rice by tradition has been cultivated for centuries.

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