Dark Soy Sauce 500ml %10


Dark Soy Sauce 500ml

Best Before: 10.03.2023 / Dark Soy is perfect for marinades. It has a darker colour than Light Soy and a richer, less salty flavour. For dipping and marinades.
74.50 TL (including vat)
67.05 TL (including vat)


Haday is a sub-brand of Foshan Haitian Flavouring & Food Co.Ltd. The company was established in the seventeenth century as a group of sauce factories in Foshan. In 2010 it held 16 to 19 percent of the Chinese soy sauce market. They are one of the biggest manufacturer of soy sauce in the world, saw its market value surge to over 600 billion yuan ($84 billion) on 2022 in Shanghai.

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