Instant Spicy Beef Soup Flavour Ramen 111gr %10


Instant Spicy Beef Soup Flavour Ramen 111gr

Best Before: 23.07.2023 / Each packaged with a dried block of springy ramen noodles to slurp up the succulent, spicy beef-style broth included with each serving, Baixiang offers 5 helpings of its heartiest, peppery instant noodles. Provided with handy soy sauce-based stock sachets seasoned with star anise, chilli pepper, ginger, galangal, black pepper and cinnamon, the addition of Szechuan pepper is what gives these noodles their surprisingly fiery kick. Complete with individual sachets of crunchy cabbage, carrots, spring onion and coriander to garnish.
47.85 TL (including vat)
43.10 TL (including vat)

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